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Monthly Product Highights

June 2019 - Harmon Mutes

Harmon Mute. The Harmon Wow Wow Mute, also widely regarded as the “Harmon Mute,” has been widely endorsed by many musicians. It is made completely out of aluminum and is a very free-blowing mute. One produces the “wah-wah” effect by covering and uncovering the cup that is inserted at the end of the mute. Want the sizzle? Take out the cup at the end and get that sound that is characteristic of this mute. Come on down and check out the mutes! We have a full-on copper option as well.

June 2019 - Hodge Swabs

Condensation in an instrument is a thought every wind musician has to take into consideration when it comes to instrument care. Here is where the Hodge Swabs come in handy. Their swabs are made with 100% silk. Silk is a material that absorbs condensation very well which helps in caring for the instrument. Pads on a woodwind instrument don’t deteriorate as quickly and mold does not grow inside of the trumpet’s leadpipe. These are a few reasons why swabs are essential for instrument care. All swabs are engineered to best clean the instrument they are meant for: clarinet swabs have a non-scratching weight at the end so the musician can pull the swab through the instrument, the flute swab is made to fit cleaning rods used with the flute, and the size of the swab is made to fit the instrument. At IBI, we have swabs for just about any instrument that needs them.

May 2019 – Plasticover Reeds

Woodwind players (minus the flute player) are always worrying about one thing: reeds. A reed is what allows the musician to play their instrument. As beautiful as a cane reed can help a player sound, they can be at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to playing at much louder volumes as well as outdoors where sound goes into the stratosphere without any reverb. Plasticover reeds are a good solution for those two conundrums. The synthetic material provide the woodwind musician with a brilliant, projecting sound. It also dispels some concerns for outdoor weather. These reeds have a new and improved plastic coating formula for increased durability and weather resistance.

April 2019 – Dylan Brass Tuba Mouthpieces

These mouthpieces come in two popular models: the 24C and the 69C. They have a bore similar to the Schilke 69C4 with a slightly wider rim. These mouthpieces were designed by IBI and were made with the banda sousaphone player in mind. It has a serrated bowl that covers more of the shank in order for the sousaphone player to be able to grip the mouthpiece instead of the neck to help avoid frequent neck and bit maintenance for the musician. It is not exclusively for the sousaphone; works great for tuba players. If you’re looking for a mouthpiece that will give your playing a bit more of a punch along with a fatter, more robust low register, these mouthpieces may be for you! They come in gold plated options as well.

These mouthpieces are available to try out in-store.